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Aaron Abbott, VP Risk Manager, RBS Citizens Bank

“Jiang has an exceptional ability to provide data analysis in formats that can help organizations meet challenges, while helping to move data interpretation to a new operating level.”

James Lukenbill, Ph.D, PMP, CBIP, Program Manager at Optum

Jay is a fantastic resource for any firm seeking deep, expert level experience with Oracle Data Mining. Beyond ODM Jay brings to the table a great knowledge of SAS and Oracle analytical functions. After we discovered Jay's many talents he became to go-to guy for all our SAS to Oracle transformation duties. Jay is more than just a coder, he is a great trainer, and a good presenter of theoretical data mining concepts so that they can be understood by most.

David Gagne, SVP. Financial Crime, RBS Citizens Bank

“Jay is a talented analyst who exhibits a strong ability to grasp business problems. He provided detailed analytics on large volumes of data which contributed to informed business decisions. Jay is energetic, enthusiastic, and a great team player.”

Charlie Berger, Sr. Dir., Product Management, Data Mining Technologies, Oracle Corporation

“Extremely knowledgeable in data mining, fraud, churn, etc. and in the application of Oracle Data Mining, Jay makes things happen. I came to know Jay when he introduced himself to me at a local (Boston) Oracle technology day event when he heartily and in great detail explained the fraud detection work he had achieved while VP of Crime Prevention Solutions at Citizens Bank. Jay's years of experience as a seasoned data mining expert/architect shows in his approach to problems, understanding of technical architecture (in-database data mining/analytics), and his track record of proven analytical solutions and results. I highly recommend Jay Zhou the opportunity arose, and I strongly recommend considering him and his work.”